Breathing – “Deep Breath” vs. “Inhale Breathing”

Breathing -

Question: Could you explain “Inhale breathing” vs. “Take a deep breath”? When dialogue says “Take a deep breath, ‘some action’…” (for example, entry into Bow Pose) does it mean take a deep breath, and then exhale as you do the action that follows? Or are you taking the deep breath as you do the following action?

?In Half Moon Back Bend it says – “take a deep breath and drop your head back”. Then what?

Answer: Half Moon – take a deep breath and then use 80/20 breathing. Fill your lungs. When you need to, a little air comes out through your nose. When you need to a little more strength, a little air comes out again, and a little more. Then you are at Inhale and push your hips…

For the beginner – breathe any way you can mouth closed. As we get better, we work the 80/20 breathing and we actually breathe a lot less/more efficiently?

In general take a deep breath means you have to use your super strength. In Bow, you need your super strength to gently kick your legs up. Generally, you take a deep breath and hold it, then exhale a little when you need to.

Keep exhaling a little bit more until you need to take in more (once you reach 80% in the lungs).

Please use this topic for further discussion about the breathing cues.

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