Degeneration in the Hip

Degeneration in the Hip

An older (new) student of mine has “degeneration” in her hip and cannot kneel down.

This makes any of the kneeling down ones – fixed firm, half tortoise etc. pretty much impossible for her to attempt.

Any advice, or ideas of what she could do to improve this or get some benefit from the postures.

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Ji Howey on October 20, 2013 at 11:33 pm.

Have her TRY to kneel down. That is the only way. If the actual knee has pain with the pressure against the floor, roll up the mat and try to kneel. If there is no range of motion and she cannot sit down on her heels, have her lean forward, use her hands, and keep trying to sit.

That way she can see (in every class) if there’s improvement.


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