Question: A new student has severe skeletal and muscular misalignment, top to bottom due to a congenital scoliosis/torticollis. She is active, and runs, goes to the gym… ?Besides trying the right way, and coming regularly, what would you recommend?

Answer: Best if she can do yoga 5-6 times a week. Running and the gym stuff usually doesn’t help the situation because of the impact on the crooked spine. Yoga will strengthen the muscles to hold the re-alignment which will happen over time (several years). At times it may be very uncomfortable or painful, but it’s worth it. Eventually, as she gets more and more straight, she will feel better and better.

The only issue is the pain from re-aligning the spine. Patience and persistent practice is the key. It will DEFINITELY improve the quality of her life.

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Christoper Keyt on December 31, 2013 at 12:43 pm.

Sk?v Ryg – “Crooked Spine”

I had a 1st timer today, female 16yrs old, who can not lie on her stomach or her back.

(Her bed is special and has her body lying at 45degrees)

Communication wasn’t easy – English not her 1st language, so I wasn’t able to fully understand what was going on until I saw her in the room. Forward bends are ok, but even dropping head back gives her pain.

I had her do kneeling locust, during spine strengthening series, otherwise she watched, and joined in again at fixed firm. She was able to lie on her side for short intervals.

Of course I encouraged her as best I could, and I do think she was quite please with what she could do.

I understand this is not a lot of information but am open to suggestions, and I will update when she comes back and improves!!

Tusind Tak “Thousand Thanks!”


Kerri on January 8, 2014 at 4:23 am.

Wow Camilla, it sounds like a severe case of scoliosis. And she may be still growing. This is a candidate for a Harrington rod.

Let’s hope yoga can help her.

I would have her go through the motions in each posture. Try even if she cannot do the set up YET. DON’T create pain, but this will be a long a uncomfortable process.

Visually, she will not look right, but I believe the yoga will help her.

Unfortunately, the cobra series is THE thing that she needs. Can she try to do the posture or set up and when in savasana lie on her side (like in pregnancy series)? She won’t be able to do much for a while, but the back bending is exactly what will correct her body.

She much NOT be aggressive with the yoga, but be patient with it and her body.

Feel free to continue this thread and ask specific questions about each posture as issues come up.


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