Teacher Burn-Out

Teacher Burn-Out

Question: What are your suggestions for managing and working through teaching burn-out?

Answer: Oh I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve seen it and talked to teachers about it. I’ve come to the conclusion that 3 things lead to burn-out?

1) Teaching too many classes per week, sometimes out of necessity. Everyone has a number of classes they can COMFORTABLY and JOYFULLY teach. Stick to that if possible.

You can always do more on a TEMPORARY basis, but take care of yourself first?

2) Not maintaining a personal practice OR practicing too much, like these 100 day challenges. First, take care of yourself?

3) The most important one I’ve found is not teaching with the dialogue. This by far is the biggest reason teachers burn out. They go in there every day and “make it up.” That requires a tremendous amount of energy. Saying the dialogue is not only a meditation for the student, but also for the teacher.

When you are not feeling your best physically, you can, with little effort, get in there for 90 minutes and say the dialogue and teach a very safe and good class.

?So take care of your students and stick to the dialogue.

Please use this topic for further discussion about teacher burn-out.

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bradley on January 15, 2014 at 10:06 am.

Thanks to a friend, Grant, I have gotten back to teaching with dialogue, and was inspired to get re-certified in New York in September. Grant just gave me a link for this blog today. It’s exciting to get connected with community.

I wanted to respond to this thread, as it has been a hugely positive shift to get to teaching with the dialogue fully. Whether the class is 1 student or a full room, using the dialogue gives so much energy. It’s like the energy of all the teachers who are using it, and Bikram himself, is in the dialogue.

It has helped me to feel way more grounded, joyful, helpful, authentic, and confident in teaching – whereas previously I was starting to falter – and so I would have to agree with your analysis that not teaching with dialogue is the number one reason teachers burn out, as I’ve tried the other things on your list too, and by far using the dialogue has had the best effect to prevent feeling down or burnt out.

Thank you for this blog.

More later.

Wishing all much joy and delight!


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